UoSS Alummi Club

About Club

University of Social Sciences Alumni Club was established to maintain and nurture alumni's ties with the university. Any graduate can join the Club's membership.

The Club is open to all graduates and its mission is to build and develop ties between the university and its graduates, which in the long run will help to strengthen the image of the graduate of the Social Academy of Sciences in the labor market.

The most important goals of the Alumni Club of the Social Academy of Sciences

  • exchange of information, knowledge and experience between graduates and students of the UoSS;
  • taking care of the good image and prestige of UoSS;
  • organization and support of social, cultural, charitable undertakings,
  • supporting each other on the career path of graduates, sharing professional experience with students;
  • promoting UoSS among potential candidates for studies;
  • shortening the process involved in employing graduates of UoSS in full-fledged business jobs;
  • shaping students into future employees:
    • making conscious educational and professional decisions, among other things, in planning their own careers;
    • oriented to continuous learning, expanding knowledge and sharing it;
    • open to new challenges, taking advantage of opportunities created by the labor market.

Creators of the club

Kinga Wilczyńska


Supervisor of the Graduate Club of the UoSS. Graduate of UoSS (major in journalism and management), doctoral student at the University of Warsaw. Manager with experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Dagmara Grzejszczak


Graduate of SAN (management) and UMCS (applied linguistics). PhD student at the University of Warsaw. Owner and managing director of a gas station, methodologist with a passion for English and Russian.

Maria Karpowicz


Experienced manager. Owner of "Gorzki Melon" restaurant. Experienced in HR services related to recruiting foreign workers and
legalizing employment.

Pawel Molga


Project Manager with many years of experience in technology companies. Currently CEE & Nordics Sales Director at Hogart Business Intelligence.

Izabela Szymkun


Currently E-Commerce Manager at Sika.

How to join the club

To join the Club, send a scan of your graduation diploma or degree/title to: klubabsolwenta@san.edu.p


For all matters related to the activities of the Alumni Club, please contact us by e-mail: klubabsolwenta@san.edu.pl,

or directly with the Alumni Club representative: Kinga Wilczynska (kwilczynska@san.edu.pl)