Language Requirements

Candidates applying for admission to any Bachelor or Master program conducted in English language at the University of Social Sciences need to demonstrate their English language proficiency at an appropriate level.


Candidates should provide the University with one of internationally recognized English language certificates at a minimum B2 level or equivalent listed below:


Exemption from above requirements applies to Candidates who have finished higher education (Bachelor) program in English (confirmed in their diploma or transcript issued by the university).


If Candidate does not have proper certificate he/she will be asked to submit:

  • upload into their online application English Language Declaration in which they declare that they will provide the University with one of internationally recognized English language certificates at a minimum B2 level or equivalent no later than by the end of the first semester of studies.

In addition of the certificate, each candidate is required to pass a Skype interview to check level of English. 

Skype Interview Guide


  • In three to five days after initial verification of your application documents and receiving by the university your application fee, you will be invited for a Skype interview.
  • International Admissions Office of the University will send you an email with information what time the interview will take place.
  • It can be very difficult to change the times and dates of you interview, so if possible, try to go at the suggested time. If you can’t attend at the allotted time, you need to let the University know as soon as possible.


  • Be ready for questions – think about some basic questions that may be asked at the beginning of an interview and how you might answer them. Carry out some preparatory research, and read as much about the course and your subject area as you can. Read more about the University, the city where you are going to study and get some information about Poland.
  • Technical issues - to avoid any technical problems to conduct Skype interview we advise you testing the functionality of your computer including voice, video and chat (typing) before the day the interview is scheduled.
  • Skype account - Set up your own Skype account. Remember your interviewer will be able to see your Skype username and profile picture – so make sure they are appropriate and give the right impression. Exchange Skype usernames with the University so you are ready to go.
  • Choose place for interview - You should ensure that room where you plan to have the Skype interview is appropriate and that you will not be disturbed by others. No other individuals should be present during the interview unless they are there for IT support reasons.
  • Dress smartly – you might not need a suit, but smart trousers/skirt and a shirt/blouse will show you're taking it seriously.

At the beginning
You may be asked to present in the front of the Skype camera the passport (page with the passport number and photo) to be identified by the Admission Committee. You may be asked to confirm that you are alone at the start of the interview and to conduct a camera sweep of the room.

The interview

  • A relaxed atmosphere – we want you to feel at ease and be yourself. We would like to learn more about your motivation and the goals that you want to achieve in the future.We don't expect you to have the answers to all the questions we ask, but we do want to see that you're able to apply the skills and knowledge you already have
  • Ask questions too – You'll probably be asked about what attracts you to the course you've applied for and why you have choosen Poland and you are encouraged to ask questions too – this shows enthusiasm and gives you a chance to get answers you haven't found yet
  • If you don’t understand something - just ask an interviewer to repeat or rephrase the question, make a good guess, or relate it to something you know better.
  • Technical issues - if there are technical issues or if your connection is lost during the call, don't panic – just wait for your interviewer to call you back, and explain what happened.

You should check your emails regularly after the interview. In two days you should receive feedback and further instructions.