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Scientific Group of Marketing and Tourism


The research club deals with issues and problems in the field of tourism and marketing in the broadest sense.

Goals of the Research Group

  • undertaking discussions and combining the experience of travellers, entrepreneurs and researchers to develop the spirit of the traveller
  • observing and analysing trends in tourism development
  • presentation of scientific output addressing the issue
  • study on the development prospects of tourism enterprises
  • organise a forum for the exchange of experience, thus enabling the flow of information and knowledge

Method of achieving the objectives

  • regular meetings with members of the Scientific Group
  • guest meetings with practitioners, travellers (lectures, discussions, talks)
  • workshops on tourism skills
  • activate a forum for the exchange of views and experiences on different forms of tourism and recreation

Enrolment of the Scientific Group

Interested students are welcome to contact us:

Anna Molęda-Kompolt M.Sc. - Supervisor of the Scientific Circle:

e-mail: amolenda-kompolt@san.edu.pl