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Scientific Group of the Faculty of Management and Security- "Management with a human face"

We cordially invite students of SAN Warsaw to join the Science Group "Management with a human face". The Science Group focus on the exchange of both scientific and practical experiences. Meetings within the Management Group will concern: scientific discussions, methods of conducting scientific research, publication of scientific papers but also meetings with representatives of science and business practitioners.

Goals of the Scientific Group

  • deepening knowledge in the field of management
  • supporting its members in their scientific development
  • cooperation with other scientific groups that share the same field of activity
  • cooperation of members in joint education and in solving scientific tasks.

Scientific Group pursues its objectives in particular by:

  • organising scientific meetings and conferences
  • preparing scientific publications
  • contacts with representatives of the scientific community and institutions promoting various forms of management
  • cooperation with other student organisations

Activity plan of the Scientific Group

  • 28 November 2022r.- Participation in the Conference entitled. "Quality in Management" Organised by the Students' Scientific Circle Total Quality Management Institute of the Military Academy of Art, Warsaw, al. gen. A. Chruściel "Montera" 103 block no. 14 00-910 Warsaw (hybrid)
  • 1 December 2022r.- Participation in the International Final Conference of the Erasmus+ ESTET project Event entitled. "Education and Training for Sustainable Tourism in Europe".
  • 7 April 2023r.- Participation in the ІІnternational Scientific and Practical Conference p. "Development of education and science as a strategy for forming the culture of the future", M. P. Dragomanov National Pedagogical University Kyiv, Pyrohova 9 (online)
  • December 2022r., March 2023r., June 2023r.- meetings of members and tutors of the group, once every three months


Interested students are invited to contact:

Dr. Adam Kałowski - Mentor of the Management Group

emai: akalowski@san.edu.pl