The Business Council

The Business Council of the Warsaw Branch of the University of Social Sciences is a gathering of representatives of the business environment with representatives of the University. The main objectives of the Business Council's functioning, are first and foremost to create conditions for the exchange of knowledge, to initiate joint scientific and implementation projects and to provide knowledge of the latest scientific results.

The Business Council has sections for courses related to:

  • social sciences
  • arts and humanities
  • medical
  • Engineering and technical

The objectives of the Business Council include:

  • creating conditions for knowledge exchange, initiating joint scientific and implementation projects
  • providing knowledge on the latest practices in professional sectors related to the fields of study at University of Social Sciences
  • support activities improving the quality of education
  • working out mechanisms for establishing and developing cooperation between employers, identifying and removing barriers and difficulties in establishing cooperation 

The Business Council performs the following specific tasks:

  • reviewing the scope and forms of cooperation with the socio-economic environment and recommending measures to intensify cooperation with socio-economic actors
  • verification of curricula with regard to the needs of the socio-economic environment
  • verification of directional and subject-related effects in terms of competences required on the labour market
  • recommending new fields of study/specialisations to be launched
  • advising on market analyses aimed at supporting graduates in the labour market
  • creating conditions for directing University of Social Sciences students and graduates to internships and placements in companies with which Business Council members are associated
  • content-related support for the graduation process (participation in the development of thesis topics)

Keeper of the UoSS Business Council in Warsaw

Adrian Markiewicz


Adrian Markiewicz - graduate of the Faculty of Economics and Organisation of Transport at the University of Szczecin and a PhD in the discipline of Economics and Finance. At present, he is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Management and Security Sciences at UoSS in Warsaw. Most of his professional life associated with the banking sector. He held, inter alia, the following positions: managing director of the corporate market division at Bank Ochrony Środowiska, earlier being the bank's regional director; member of the Management Board of the Bank Guarantee Fund in Warsaw (twice) where, inter alia, he supervised the departments of Bank Deposit Guarantee, Bank Support Activity, Accounting and IT.

Members of the Business Council of the Warsaw Branch of the University of Social Sciences

Jakub Robel


Doctor of Social Sciences. He holds a master's degree in International Economic Relations and a master's degree in Management and Marketing from the School of Economics

He started his career in real estate as a Commercial Real Estate Specialist in the so-called "Big Four" consulting firms of the world, i.e. EY (formerly ERNST & YOUNG). He was involved in providing comprehensive services to real estate operators starting from the investment preparation phase, through the implementation and management of the property and ending with the effective exit of the investment.

Later, already as an Investment and Leasing Specialist, he gained experience with the real estate consultancy DTZ Polska (now Cushman & Wakefield).

He then decided to realise his own plans and ambitions by becoming the head of the newly formed 5th Avenue Holding S.A. capital group.


"Practice above all else" is the name and the main idea behind the Job Fair that we organised with friends while studying at the School of Economics. The Business Council of the University of Social Sciences is the ideal place to put this idea into practice. All so that Practitioners can share with Students the experience they have gained in the market."- Jakub Robel


Justyna Kurek


Graduate of the University of Wrocław, majoring in law, administration and economics, member of the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisers in Warsaw. She manages the work of the Legal Counsel's Office founded by her and the legal department in a commercial law company. For nearly 10 years, she has provided comprehensive legal services, in particular to IT, retail, financial, pharmaceutical and construction industry entities, exercising corporate supervision over processes carried out in commercial law companies and implementing compliance procedures. Attorney-at-law Justyna Kurek has extensive experience in providing services to corporate bodies of commercial law companies, including companies listed on the main floor of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (including supervision of compliance with reporting regulations) and companies with capital participation of the State Treasury. Ms Justyna Kurek has extensive experience in preparing and conducting multifaceted financial transactions, including those involving investment funds, including restructuring of liabilities as well as sale of enterprises. Attorney-at-law Justyna Kurek is a member of supervisory boards, especially in State Treasury companies, acting as their chairwoman.

Radosław Szafranowicz-Małozięć


HR manager, specialising in recruitment and training of employees in the tourism industry. Psychologist, graduate of MBA for HR staff at Koźmiński Academy and training programmes related to human resources management. Certified assessor of the Assessment Center method. Business trainer, conducting training in the field of customer service, marketing, personnel management. Academic lecturer and author of numerous publications on the labour market.

Artur Marchlik


Member of the Business Council of the University of Social Sciences in Warsaw and member of the Business Centre Club. For many years a manager in medium and large enterprises, specialising in the area of sales and marketing. Currently - Development Director at ALFA GROUP - responsible for innovative marketing activities.

Krzysztof Czubaszek 


Graduate of Polish philology (Faculty of Polish Studies, University of Warsaw, 1998), postgraduate studies in social communication and media (Institute of Literary Research, Polish Academy of Sciences, 2003), postgraduate managerial studies for creators, artists and cultural animators (Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw, 2011), doctor of humanities (Institute of History, Catholic University of Lublin, 2006). Author of numerous press publications and several books. Researcher of the history of the Jewish community of Łuków and populariser of the works of Jules Verne. Member of the Finkler Institute of Holocaust Research at Bar-Ilan University (Israel), founder and president of the Polish Juliusz Verne Society, member of Société Jules Verne (Paris) and Centre International Jules Verne (Amiens). From 2017 to 2019, mayor of the Śródmieście district of the City of Warsaw, and from 2012 to 2015, deputy mayor of the district. Since 2021, director of the Ursynow Cultural Centre "Alternatives" in Warsaw. Decorated with the golden badge of honour of the Society of Friends of Warsaw for his social work and services to Warsaw, with the jubilee medal of TPW "for special contribution to the development of this organisation and for conducting various activities for building the majesty of the Capital of the Republic of Poland", with the badge of honour of the President of Warsaw Stefan Starzyński for his social activity for Warsaw, gold badge of honour of the Polish Association of Retired Persons, Pensioners and Invalids for outstanding services to that environment, the badge "For Merits to the World Association of Home Army Soldiers" and the badge of honour of Krystyna Krahelska - 1944 Warsaw Uprising Remembrance for saving from oblivion the heroism of soldiers and civilians in the Warsaw Uprising. Nominated for the award "Golden Wings - Man of the Year 2017" awarded by "Tygodnik Siedlecki".

Karolina Karolczak


Expert with over 20 years of experience in communication and marketing, and building brand strategies. MBA graduate in Paris, academic lecturer and motivational trainer with International MCBT certificate and Brian Tracy International coaching accreditation. Ambassador of the Brand is a Woman programme, creator of the #celomania coaching programme and author of numerous industry publications.

She is currently responsible for the marketing and communication division at the ENEL-MED Group. Previously, as Partnership & Procurement Director atSodexo BRS, she was responsible for creating a cooperation model based on Consumer Value Added Proposition with the largest chains on the market (JMP, Auchan, CRF, HEBE, MMSH and many others). She was responsible for the introduction and development of the Dr Witt brand strategy, the re-launch of the Frugo brand and the launch of the Black brand.

In 2021, she was recognised in the Forbes Women - Linkedin Champions (she has now amassed 20,665 followers on LinkedIn).

Since 2018, she has been an academic lecturer at the Social Science Academy (marketing, PR, management strategies, digital).

She has been a speaker at marketing industry conferences for over 10 years, showing the world of the consumer and brands in 7p terms. She has been awarded 1st place by Marketing Progress Wrocław. She was a juror in the PNSA - Polish National Sales Awards competition, as well as a member of the SuperBrands Poland brand chapter.

Krzysztof Nagodzinski


Graduate in Engineering from the University of Warsaw. He also holds a diploma in Marketing and Management from the Warsaw School of Economics. Since 2019, he has been a Member of the Management Board at BSH Home Appliances, a European leader in the white goods industry. In his role, he is responsible for sales, marketing and factory service.

He has been involved with the white goods industry and his current company for over 21 years. Thanks to his efforts, BSH has been successfully developing its product portfolio on the Polish market for years, introducing innovative and energy-efficient appliances of the Bosch and Siemens brands. He started his career in the factory service as a technical department manager. He then worked in the marketing department, where he was the director of this department for eight years. In this area, he was responsible for marketing activities and product management of large and small domestic appliances. Later, already as head of sales, he was responsible for the development of the large domestic appliances area. Privately, he is a lover of sport and an active lifestyle. That is why, in his work, as in sport, shared responsibility and a harmonious team are important to him.

Piotr Lisicki


Graduate: (1) economic studies (1995) U. Szczeciński, ,,Organisation and Management", (2) postgraduate, (1999) U. Szczeciński, "Valuation of real estate and enterprises", (3) postgraduate, (2021) SGH in Warsaw, "ACCA - Finance and Accounting". In addition, he is a graduate of numerous courses, e.g. organised by the Gdańsk Institute for Market Economy Research, the Accountants Association in Poland or the Brokers and Advisers Association.

Professional and managerial experience gained primarily through 23 years of working in the banking sector. Practised in managing sales teams in financial services at, among others, Bank BGŻ, Fortis BANK, BNP Paribas and BOŚ BANK. He gained his knowledge of the problems of the SME sector by running two of his own companies for many years in the field of insurance intermediation services in the form of a company and later in the form of a banking services franchise. Currently for many years Chief Accountant - Financial Manager in a scientific institute (R&D).

Enthusiast of water sports including sailing, kayaking or swimming, plus cycling. Good music, theatre or cinema are also among his preferred forms of spending time. Interested in the capital market in a practical way, a football fan of Polish national team games, a supporter of the LM. As of February 2023 Head Accountant in a digital services company.

Paweł Brzezicki

Graduate of the Szczecin University of Technology. Faculty of Engineering and Economics of Transport. Specialisation: Sea Transport. With the Polish Steamship Company since 1983; until 1997, worked at the company's headquarters in Szczecin and at commercial and financial representative offices in Madrid, Hamburg and Luxembourg.
1997-98 President of Pazim Sp. z o.o. 1998-2005 CEO OF PŻM. 2005-2006 Adviser to the Prime Minister on the maritime economy. 2007-2008 President of the Industrial Development Agency.
2017-2019 CEO PŻM. Currently involved with the Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority and the Baltic Bulk Depot in Gdynia.

Wioleta Sejbuk


Attorney-at-law, member of the Regional Council of Attorneys in Warsaw. She has over 12 years of experience in legal services for advertising agencies, media houses and public relations agencies. She specialises in intellectual property law, with particular emphasis on the law of new technologies, media, advertising, entertainment and personal data protection. She has advised clients from the new IT sector. She is currently working as the head of the legal department of an international influencer marketing agency, indaHash, where she coordinates the team's legal services for the group's European, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and North African markets.

Grzegorz Furtak


Founder of pricingLAB - a consulting company specialising in pricing. The scope of the company's activities includes: pricing research, consultancy on: pricing strategies, designing pricing architecture and logic, determining optimal prices and monetisation models, building effective price and promotion communication.

It has implemented pricing optimisation projects and pricng training for, among others: Inter Cars, Auto Land, Animex, Maspex, Investa Michelin, Grupa Topex, Schneider Electric, Żabka, Lewiatan, Media Expert, Bat Grupa PSB, Astor, I Love Marketing, Unisoft

Business practitioner with 30 years of experience. Prior to his consulting activity, he held executive positions for 15 years: President of the Management Board, Managing Director, Sales Director in international organisations, i.e. Grohe, Lekkerland, Raisio Polska Foods, Podravka. Graduate of the University of Warsaw - University of Illinois Executive MBA programme. He studied at the American Management Association and the European Management Association.


Paweł Pitera


Economist and manager associated with the fuel and energy market (currently PERN S.A.), finance and strategic management areas in commercial law companies. As a member of the management board of a bank and a bank investment company, he managed, among others, the following areas: corporate loans, capital investments, and strategic consulting. He has successfully implemented numerous investment projects and strategic development, optimisation and restructuring projects, in particular for: PGNiG Group and BOŚ Group. He managed the areas of corporate governance and strategy at PGNiG S.A.. He was also responsible for corporate governance at the Warsaw City Hall and the Privatisation Agency. At the Polish Post Office, he managed the Accounting Centre (responsible for: financial reporting, accounting and taxes). He supervised the finances of construction projects at Mostostal Warszawa S.A. He sat on the supervisory boards of commercial law companies, where he supervised, inter alia, strategic projects and project management. He has also cooperated with universities (classes for students of economics and MBA - e.g. strategic management) and consulting companies (preparation of strategies, restructuring). He has practical knowledge in the following areas: project management (PMO), strategic management, negotiations, corporate governance, finance and investments. Speaker at many conferences in the investment, financial and energy sectors.

Agnieszka Zielińska


Owner of Progressus Expert Consulting, which provides training in such areas as public transport, media image, training towards middle management and management counselling. The company also audits and prepares organisations to implement ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 standards as well as occupational health and safety. Graduate of the Social Academy of Sciences, majoring in Management .

Since 2017, he has been a mediator accredited by the Mediation Centre at the Supreme Bar Council. She advises on the resolution of disputes concerning intellectual property law, including out-of-court (ADR). She gained her professional experience by co-founding a shared services centre in the field of legal services for entities belonging to the international Publicis Group, where she provided day-to-day legal advice, including drafting and reviewing agreements with domestic and foreign contractors. Involved in education and training activities, she has conducted a number of training courses on advertising and labour law for corporate and external clients. Co-author of the monograph Zemke-Górecka, A., Mendrek, A., & Rogula, C. (2021). Mediation in mediator and attorney practice. Wolters Kluwer. chapter 5 Principles of mediation. She is a doctoral student of the legal doctoral seminar at Kozminski University and is preparing her doctoral thesis under the supervision of Prof. Joanna Sieńczyło-Chlabicz, PhD, in the field of advertising law. She graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. In addition, she is a graduate of the Postgraduate Course in Intellectual Property Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw.

Maciej Lissowski


Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. In the advertising industry since 1991. Worked in both independent and network agencies. For many years he worked for the Publicis and WPP groups. He created structures which he managed in positions such as: Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director. He carried out international projects, e.g. as Regional Business Director EMEA. He gained experience in all communication channels: from ATL/BTL through PR, shopper/activations to digital, e-commerce and mar-tech. He has worked for clients representing all categories of goods and services. He currently supports indaHash, an agency representing the field of influencer marketing and mar-tech, focusing on project execution and customer service in European countries. Awards and distinctions (e.g. Effie, Cannes Lions, KTR). Juror of Polish and international advertising and marketing competitions. Lecturer, mentor and trainer. Certified varsavianist and theatre fanatic.

Mariola Glinka

Associated with the TSL industry for over 17 years. Expert in operations, trading and building forwarding and transport teams. Graduated in organisational management and business psychology. Currently, Operations Director at Transsped Sp. z o.o. Sp.K.

Business council meeting - April 2023

On 3 April, another meeting of the UoSS Business Council took place. Traditionally, this meeting was combined with an Easter meeting of the academic community. During the meeting, in addition to discussing educational programmes, which is a key activity of the RB, the following topics were raised and discussed:


  • Director Maciej Lissowski presented information on the functioning of the mentoring programme, which he is the initiator of. At the same time, he encouraged the active involvement of RB representatives in the programme.
  • Dr Maciej Dębski presented information on lectures and workshops prepared for students on the initiative of RB members, e.g. the lecture on pricing prepared by Mr Grzegorz Furtak or the debate on sustainable development management, which is scheduled for 13 April;
  • Dr Kinga Wilczyńska provided information on the functioning of the UoSS Alumni Club on behalf of Dr Adam Kałowski (project manager), information was presented on the functioning of the Entrepreneurship Accelerator;
  • the status of preparations for the Entrepreneurship Week, an annual initiative held at the University and planned for 24-30 April, was discussed;
  • the status of preparations for the visit of the Polish Accreditation Committee to selected faculties was presented and discussed.


We would like to thank all members of the Business Council for their commitment, ideas and support for our initiatives. At the same time, we would like to wish all members of the Business Council a peaceful Easter, rest and a family atmosphere.

Business council meeting - February 2023

On 07-02-2023 another meeting of the Business Council of the University of Social Sciences in Warsaw

The Business Council was represented by:

- Miron Maicki - Chairman of the Business Council

- Andrzej Cieślawski

- Damian Drobik

- Grzegorz Furtak

- Wawrzyniec Jakubowski

- Tomasz Jagodzinski

- Piotr Lisicki

- Tadeusz Wrona

and SAN:

- Dr Maciej Dębski, Prof . UoSS, Organisational Director of the UoSS in Warsaw

- dr Eliza Nowacja, prof. UoSS, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Management and Security Sciences, Coordinator of the Management Faculty-

- dr Adam Kruk

- dr Adrian Markiewicz - Supervisor of the Council on the part of UoSS

The meeting was a continuation of the previous one of 19-12-2023.

In particular, the following issues were discussed:

The existing catalogue of teaching subjects for the Management faculty and the possibility, legitimacy and courses of action for a possible extension of the subject catalogues mainly due to the so-called market demand - trends (mainly from the employers' perspective);

In the event of a possible decision to expand the existing catalogue of teaching subjects, the questions of what formal and other implications this might entail were discussed;

Mr Wawrzyniec Jakubowski asked whether it was the university's practice to collect information from students (feedback) in this area, i.e. which new subject contents should be introduced into the existing syllabuses and which new teaching subjects should be established. In addition, he asked whether, and if so in which fields of study at UoSS, e.g. full-time or part-time, in which specialisations, at first or rather second level of studies, is there the greatest demand for new additional teaching content?

The questions were answered that, on an ongoing basis, relevant feedback from students is collected using various channels, such as: social media channels, the university newspaper, www.san (students use the relevant forms at, among others), direct channel - during teaching sessions, various meetings between students and university representatives, etc.

As far as the areas with the greatest need for new, updated didactic content are concerned, in principle this process should be and is an ongoing process for all didactic subjects. However, it is possible to distinguish subjects in which this demand is more frequent. In this respect, a distinction can be made between the following subjects: journalism and social communication, marketing.

In the same context, one cannot fail to mention the cooperation with the Business Council, which is taken very seriously by the universities and is developing, as more and more interesting and inspiring proposals in this area are being sent to the universities from the representatives of this body as a result of intensified cooperation. These are particularly important messages for the university authorities because they come directly from the economic market, and are therefore the most up-to-date and confirmed by real economic demand.

Mr Grzegorz Furtak Furtak reflected on current trends in the establishment of new teaching courses at universities such as UoSS. He also pointed out a clear gap in the curricula of economic universities when it comes to thorough teaching of pricing. The need to fill this teaching gap is due to the lack of analytical skills, data sciences, etc. in the employee market. It is worth introducing any subjects that orient students towards entrepreneurship and management.

The UoSS representatives undertook to send a catalogue of teaching subjects and selected syllabuses concerning them to the members of the Business Council. In addition, they also noted that in terms of didactic content, one should not deviate too far from the UoSS "DNA", as this may materialise various unfavourable implications for the UoSS.

Prof. Maciej Dębski stated that, in general, one might be tempted to believe that, currently in Poland, many universities do not educate their students to the expected extent. There is a particular lack of training in analytical skills. Therefore, it is worth considering separating analytical subjects from mainstream teaching.

Andrzej Cieślawski noted that studies should, above all, trigger in students an openness to new knowledge. Such is his personal experience. Despite the fact that he graduated from a mechanical faculty at a polytechnic, studying this analytical course prepared him very well for management.
All participants at the meeting agreed with the proposal that selected members of the Business Council should participate in some of the classes conducted with students. This would allow for mutual benefits: for potential employers and for the students.


It was agreed that the next meeting should be held before the upcoming Easter holidays and the next meeting in a narrower circle after the holidays.

Business council meeting - December 2022

Pre-Christmas meeting of the UoSS Business Council


On 19 December 2022, another meeting of the Business Council of the University of Social Sciences took place in the building of our university. The meeting, chaired by Prof. UoSS Krzysztof Kandefer - Dean of the Faculty of Management and Security, Prof. UoSS Maciej Dębski - Organisational Director, and Mr Miron Maicki - Chairman of the Business Council, was attended by more than 30 people representing various companies. Among the invited guests, there were also candidates for new members of this body, who were formally nominated later in the meeting.


Before this took place, the hosts of the meeting recalled the main functions and tasks of the Council, listed selected activities of the Council undertaken in the recent period, emphasising that the end of the so-called "lock-down" allowed for a renewed increase in the dynamics of this forum for cooperation between business and academia, and therefore expressed the hope that the coming year will be a time of much more intensive activity of the Council than it was during the Covid-19 pandemic. After the representatives of the universities had spoken, individual members of the Council took the floor. Its Chairman, Mr Miron Maicki, expressed his personal satisfaction at leading the Council and thanked the Council for the period of cooperation so far with the authorities, staff and students of the university. He further encouraged the other members of the Council to take advantage of the post-pandemic period to once again intensify their cooperation, the eventual fruits of which would accrue to all parties concerned. This speech was followed by speeches from individual Council members and candidates for membership. Among the topics addressed, particular importance was given to the need to practically consume the benefits of mutual cooperation.


In the opinion of Council members representing enterprises of different sizes, ranging from micro, small business through medium-sized enterprises to large Polish and international corporations, an effective means of achieving the aforementioned benefits is through the functioning of a constantly evolving platform, understood as selected forms of cooperation for the exchange of information, knowledge, experience, organisational culture, business trends, etc., between the business represented by Council members and the UoSS.

The functioning of such a living platform will practically contribute to mutual benefits from the implementation of solutions drawn from jointly conducted scientific projects, or from recommendations included in scientific works committed at UoSS (PhDs, master's and bachelor's theses); as well as from the ongoing adaptation of curricula to the needs (challenges) of the labour market represented, among others, by the members of the Council.

In particular, the latter tool allows for the appropriate shaping of UoSS students' knowledge and skills in a direction that enables them to be subsequently employed on more favourable terms, compared to students and graduates from other schools and universities. The joint organisation of internship programmes for students will continue to be another ever-present tool to adapt UoSS students to work in business.

 In order to maintain a close relationship between the Business Council and the university and, above all, its students, the meeting participants declared their willingness to participate in joint, mainly face-to-face or hybrid (contact and online) meetings focused on some leading topic related to the Faculty profile, of selected Business Council representatives with UoSS students. Furthermore, it was agreed that meetings of the Business Council with university representatives should take place at least twice a calendar year.

Business council meeting - May 2021

UoSS Business Council meeting: business waiting to open - May 2021.

The May meeting of the UoSS Business Council was a wrap-up meeting. It was possible to summarise the work during the pandemic and this year's UoSS Business and Career Days 2021. The participants had a lively discussion about the consequences of the pandemic and the conditions for a return to 'normality'. The need to rebuild interpersonal relationships and interpersonal skills also did not escape the attention of the attendees. These are the main takeaways from the meeting, which we will endeavour to implement.

Thanks to our cooperation with the business community, we are constantly expanding our offer of internships and placements for students. New offers also appear on the website. These are tangible benefits of cooperation with companies affiliated to the UoSS Business Council," says Dr Antoni Kolek, from the Academic Career Office.

In response to the comments made by UoSS Business Council representatives concerning the practical character of classes conducted at the University, the involvement of the Academic Career Office in activities connecting students with employers will be increased.

One of the events of the UoSS 2021 Entrepreneurship and Career Days was the opening of the Start-up Accelerator. The Business Council meeting was therefore the best place to make the official opening. Thanks to the ideas and initiative of the University's partners, students and graduates who are running their companies will have the opportunity to contact and consult with experts. After registering for a consultation session and accepting the rules and regulations, they will have the opportunity to receive inspiring advice from leaders of the Polish economy.

The conclusions of the meeting also included a postulate to meet in the real world without the intermediary of a computer. Certainly, whenever possible, the UoSS Business Council will meet within the walls of the University and further develop cooperation between science and business.

Business council meeting - December 2020

UoSS Business Council meeting ahead of the start of the new Academic Year 2019/2020 on current challenges for business and science.

The Business Council of the University of Social Sciences held its meeting before the students and students of the classes organised by UoSS in Warsaw sat in the university benches. At the invitation of the Chairman of the Business Council, Mr Miron Maicki, and Dr Maciej Dębski, entrepreneurs and representatives of business organisations associated with our University turned up. In addition to the cyclical report on the state of the University, the meeting had an organisational character and allowed for discussion in the area of changes taking place in the field of science.


The main objectives of the UoSS Business Council's functioning include, first of all, creating conditions for knowledge exchange, initiating joint scientific and implementation projects and providing knowledge on the latest results of scientific works - said Miron Maicki for UoSS Student Television.

Interesting opportunities for cooperation with the University are opening up for employers affiliated to the Business Council. Our cooperation is aimed at adapting the curriculum of postgraduate studies to the needs of enterprises and the challenges of the labour market. We are open to undertaking joint projects with employers and industry organisations. We will continue internship programmes for students and deepen cooperation with practitioners, so that a student graduating from UoSS not only knows definitions and classifications, but also knows how to apply them and has taken his/her first steps in business," concluded Dr Maciej Dębski, Managing Director of UoSS.