E-business & Digital Marketing

Nominal duration:

3 years (6 semesters)




Studies mode:

full-time studies


Main language:






Bachelor in Management with specialization E-business & Digital Marketing

Accredited by CEEMAN IQA Accreditation

The modern business environment works under the new rules.  Internet and social media became an integral part of the successful marketing. E-business & Digital Marketing program includes theoretical and practical knowledge which combine studies of management with ways of efficient use possibilities of Internet. Students will acquire skills, which let them manage in public and private sectors, by use communication and team-work and find innovative options and solutions in every career and workplace they choose.

Career opportunities

The graduates in E-business & Digital Marketing can start their professional career working as marketing manager or specialist in:

private or public sector in sales department;
marketing agencies, marketing offices in companies;
company’s progress and development appearance in Internet;
marketing actions;
departments of planning and strategic development;
cultural institutions;
non-profit organisations;
own enterprises where interesting and ambitious ideas are applied;
in any branch of business and administration.

The graduates in E-business & Digital Marketing are offered an opportunity to continue their study for the Masters degree at the following programmes:

  • Master in E-business & Digital Marketing;
  • Master in International Tourism and Hospitality Management,
  • Master in IT Management,

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