FAQ- for candidates for studies

What are the stages of admission?

Attention, if You are in Poland and have an actual Visa or Residence Card, You must inform us. All you need to do is upload this document to your profile along with all the required documents. 

Admission procedure for all English language programs includes two stages divided into 4 steps: 


Step 1. Registration in online admission portal, where you need to upload required documents to the online application form: 

Step 2. The Admissions Committee of the University will evaluate your documents within 1-2 weeks and if there is something missing, they will ask you to complete your application. 

Step 3. After a positive verification of your application and documents by the Admissions Committee, you will be asked to pay the application fee. 

Step 4. Visit the Admissions Office within 7 days and submit the originals of all required documents. 

How much does study cost?

Depending on the origin, payments are in Polish zlotys or euros. Amount depends on program and its duration. 

You can find all the payment information by clicking on the link: https://san.edu.pl/admission/fees-and-account-numbers

What documents do I have to file to applying for study?

You will find a list of all documents necessary to complete the recruitment process in the tab: https://san.edu.pl/admission/required-documents 


More information: 



Tel. 22 656 39 00, 664476777 
e-mail: dswarszawa@spoleczna.pl 

What do I have to do when I fill in the online form?

After you fill out the form online during the week, we will check your documents and email you with information about the next steps in admission. If there is anything missing in the attached documents, we will ask you to append the documents required. If all the documents you have submitted online meet the requirements, we will send an Offer Letter in which we will officially inform you what you need to do next. After a positive verification of your application and documents by the Admissions Committee, you will be asked to pay the application fee. Po zaakceptowaniu musisz mieć biuro przyjęte w ciągu 7 dni i przesłać oryginał wszystkich wymaganych dokumentów.  

I got an Offer Letter from the University. How can I pay the application fee?

You need to do a bank transfer to pay the application fee. For each currency is separated account so it is important to use the right one. All bank transfers details you can find in invoice.

To which account number should the application fee be paid?

The University always sends you the invoice with details for payment.  

Candidates applying outside of United Europe - who need visa to come to Poland, are expected to pay in advance for the first year of studies in Euros. 

For citizens of the European Union, other countries* and  holders of Karta Polaka are expected to pay in PLN
*The group of citizens of other countries paying at EU rates include citizens of the following countries: Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan. 

It is very important to pay to the right Bank account, since there are two of them. 


For payment in PLN (only for candidates with a visa or resident card): 

Bank PKO BP S.A. 
I O/Centrum w Łodzi 
Nr 71 1020 3352 0000 1502 0075 7005 

For payment in Euros (only candidates applying outside of United Europe) 

Bank PKO BP S.A. 
IBAN: PL78 1440 1231 0000 0000 0715 9641 

What do I write in the title of the transfer?

Application fee (passport numbername and surname of Candidate 

Please make sure that you include the remarks in the payment transaction. Otherwise the payment may not get properly processed. 

If the money transfer is made from a Bank account of the 3rd person and the transfer does not contain the candidate's data in the title, it is likely that we will not be able to find these payments and will not be able to attribute them to the candidate. 

Additional information for Candidates applying from Poland (with visa or resident card)

When you paid application fee you must visit the Admissions Office within 7 days and submit the originals and copies of all required documents, which you attached during registration online. 

What should I do after I have paid the registration fee?

You must upload your payment confirmation to your profile, as you have uploaded all previous documents. 

In one work week after receiving by the university your application fee, you will be invited for a Skype interview. 

International Admissions Office of the University will send you an email with information what time the interview will take place. 

It can be very difficult to change the times and dates of your interview, so if possible, try to go at the suggested time. If you can’t attend at the allotted time, you need to let the University know as soon as possible.  

After interview

After passing the Skype interview, the University will issue a Conditional Letter of Acceptance and agreement with invoice for payment tuition fee. 

You must pay for the 1 year of study (just as you paid the application fee), sign the contract, and upload the agreement with signature and confirmation of payment to your profile. 

How to apply for a visa?

After you have done all the necessary requirements described above for admission, the University will provide you with 2 documents of Acceptance for studying - in English and Polish language. With these documents you can apply for a visa. 

What should I submit after obtaining a Polish VISA?
  • Scan of flight ticket no later than 7 days before arrival 

All candidates who have received a Polish visa immediately after arriving in Poland must submit to the Admissions Office the documents listed below: 


  1. Originals and copies (xero) of all documents listed in stage 1 and 2 
  2. Copy of VISA 
  3. A legalisation (nostrification) of all documents certifying the candidate’s education (exceptions: here)
  4. Sworn translation into Polish language of documents confirming your education 
  5. Apostille of all documents certifying the candidate’s education
  6. 1 photo (3,5 x 4,5) 
Where can I find the Admission Office?

Warsaw campus: 


11 Łucka St., 00-842 Warsaw, Poland 
room 4 
phone: +48 22 656 36 18 
mob: +48 517 679 609 
Office hours 
Monday- Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 

International Admission Office 

mob: +48 517 679 609 
e-mail: admission@san.edu.pl 

After I've delivered all the required documents to Admission Office, will I become a student?

Yes, you're gonna be a student after you submit the whole list to the Admissions Office. 

But you must remember that you must bring Nostrification (legalization / authorization) of all your documents confirming your education to the Dean's office before the end of the 1st semester.  

The legalization is done by the Polish Ambassador or Consul at the Polish diplomatic missions in the candidate's country or it can be done by the Ministry of Education in Poland. 

The Admissions Officer will tell you what and when else you need to submit. 

What is the deadline in the admission process?

Admission open until the end of SeptemberThe deadline is the start of the academic year. 

Where can I find my Dean`s Office?

Dean`s Office 

Warsaw campus:  

11 Łucka St., 00-842 Warsaw, Poland 
room 105 (first floor) 
phone: 22 379 68 42 
e-mail: deansoffice@san.edu.pl 

Łódź campus: 

Kilińskiego 98, 90-012 Łódź
tel: +48 42 664 22 55 or +48 664 66 57
fax: +48 42 664 22 53 
e-mail: administration@clarkuni.eu 

What do I do if I want to transfer from another university?

The entire process can be explained to you by the Dean's office. An employee of the Dean's office should check all your grades from the previous University and compare them with the program of study at our University. The main requirement is passed semester or year at your last university.