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Partner universities according to fields of studies

Who can apply?

The offer is open to all University of Social Sciences (Społeczna Akademia Nauk) students and recent graduates.

It is generally open to every field of study.

Your university is responsible for the whole recruitment process, using online application form and via email.

In the past we managed to finance all candidates,  if they applied early enough, and we hope for the same result in the future.


Where do the internships take place?

The internships can be completed in companies, at universities and research institutions as well as other public and not-for-profit organizations in EU countries (except EU organisations)


How do I find an internship?

We offer you several placements and useful links on searching for an internship, which you may use. You can also look for your internship in another way, e.g. via the Internet,  or you can reach to us- we can help you to find a desired place of your internship.

Useful links