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1. First and foremost, stay in email contact with erasmus@san.edu.pl. Start with a simple email where you introduce yourself and let them know where and when you want to go. Choose the university where you want to study. You can find a full list of places we work closely with under bilateral international agreements under Partner Universities. Dear student, don't feel limited by the list of available universities, you can contact almost any university in Europe and ask if they will agree to sign an agreement with our university and accept you to study under the Erasmus+ program.


2. Familiarize yourself with the recruitment procedures and downloadable documents, frequently asked questions and read the application to the Dean.


3. Fill out the application form available on the website. For internships, fill out the Internship Program. Email the documents to erasmus@san.edu.pl.



4. If you are successful in your application, contact the university to which you managed to qualify and get information about the documents they require (e.g., application for dormitory), as well as the subjects available for the semester.


5. Fill out a "Learning agrement" and get approval from the Dean and a representative of the partner university (in consultation, DW emails erasmus@san.edu.pl). Also ask the university you are going to for a "Letter of Acceptance" - a document confirming the enrollment procedure you have completed.

Step by step for outgoing students for studies
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Step by step for outgoing students for traineeship
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Additional information

The application must be accompanied by a proposed "Learning Agreement" - that is, a list of subjects that the person plans to study abroad. "Learning Agreement" must be approved by the student, the host university and the Dean or faculty coordinator. The subjects selected and presented in the list must total a minimum of 30 ECTS credits per semester (sometimes there will be curriculum differences to be completed in Poland, and abroad the student will complete less than 30 credits). The number of subjects in the list is therefore variable - usually there are five to seven subjects per semester. The subjects listed in the Learning Agreement should correspond as much as possible to the subjects that a person would have studied in a given semester in Poland if they were not going abroad. If they do not fully correspond to the subjects studied at SAN, the Dean may decide that the subjects included in the minimum curriculum of the course must be passed.


Scholarships are of 300 to 700 euros per month, depending on the country to which one goes.
Details can be found below.


In summary, the most important thing in the recruitment process is the timely submission of documents and motivation of students. We make every effort to ensure that every willing student can go. Approximately 2 weeks before the planned date of departure, students sign an agreement with their home university, which is the basis for the Erasmus+ scholarship. The scholarship is awarded for the period of stay at the partner university, calculated on a daily basis. Persons entitled to a social scholarship - an additional 200 euros per month - Note: only for study trips! The scholarship is paid after the student and the Rector sign the agreement.


The method of payment of the scholarship is determined by the financial agreement.


The final amount of the scholarship is determined after the student's return, based on a certificate issued by the partner university. If the period of stay given in the certificate is not the same as that given in the agreement, the amount of the scholarship may be changed. The scholarship received from the budget of the Erasmus+ Program is intended to cover additional and not full costs related to the stay at the partner university. Payment of the scholarship will be made in accordance with the financial agreement.

The period of stay abroad is calculated on the basis of the so-called "Confirmation" (Confirmation of the period of stay) from the partner university with specific dates of stay. Students who go for the winter semester can apply to extend their stay for the summer semester. For this purpose, it is necessary to:


  • obtain approval from the home university (Faculty/Institute Coordinator);
  • obtain permission from the partner university;
  • prepare a Learning Agreement for the second semester.


This period may be financed from the Erasmus+ budget, provided that the University has sufficient funds. After positive consideration of the student's application to extend the study abroad period, an addendum to the agreement is signed extending the stay and possibly granting additional funding.